In addition to writing sketch, Joe is a contributing writer at Slackjaw, Medium's largest humor publication - where he currently has five published articles. He also enjoys writing spec scripts and pilots!
(If you're interested in reading any of the following, please reach out!)
Joe takes this already insane sketch show to another level with this script. Featuring an Alexa that refuses to play NORBIT, a man determined to not be humiliated at a roast restaurant, an actor who plays Jesus forced to do his impression in front of the real Jesus, and more.

One of the best Late Night shows in existance, Joe puts his spin on CONAN by writing an episode hosted by fan favorite producer - Jordan Schlansky. This spec features an incredibly outdated monologue, a torturous remote side-kicked by Conan, and a guest interview that turns into Jordan just rambling and asking zero questions.
An original concept, this half hour comedy follows best friends Sam and Kelly as they move into Fan City - a town built around sports. This testosterone filled place is swarming with frat bros who want to relive their college days. The only problem is, Sam and Kelly are just two stoners who won a contest to live there for free. Will they be able to fit in or is it just a matter of time before they're outed? Also some VERY shady stuff is happening below the surface of this Disney World for meatheads...
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