Joe has a unique comedic style that is grounded in absurdism, often going into solo sketch and character work. All across Chicago, he has booked sets on stand-up and variety shows, as well as being an opener for various improv/sketch shows. 
He was recently selected to be in the Just For Laughs Character Showcase at The Annoyance Theater (April 2023) and had a recent show at Zanies Chicago (May 2023).
His solo show "Buckley's Glass Brain" debuted with three sold out shows at The Annoyance Theater in November 2022, and an additional one in March 2023. Insane and absurd, this how follows "Buckley's" (a fictional version of Joe) deteriorating brain through solo sketch, characters, and bits.
Below are a selection of two bits/characters, and a link to the full show.
Over the last few years in Chicago and New York, Joe has been booked on stand-up shows and opened for sketch/improv shows as solo act. He's been a regular at venues like The Lincoln Lodge, The Annoyance Theater, and the Brooklyn Comedy Collective.
Below are some clips of his favorite bits.
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