As a writer/performer, Joe consistently put up sketches all over Chicago and has already begun doing that in New York. He has a sketch show called "Mystery Flavor" at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective in July, 2023 and is also putting up his absurd variety show "Turbo Town" that features sketches at Under St. Marks in July, 2023
Joe is the founder of the Chicago sketch group "Boneless". With them, he has produced original sketch revues across town, including runs at The IO Theater and The Annoyance Theater. Additionally, there were selected to be a part of Austin Sketch Fest in 2022 - and recently had shows at Brooklyn Comedy Collective and Under St. Marks (May 2023).
Both sketches highlighted below were written by Joe.
Joe is the creator of the bi-weekly absurd sketch/variety show "Turbo Town", which has been running at The Lincoln Lodge in Chicago for almost two years. Each show, Joe and his co-hosts would write and perform 30 minutes of original sketches, bits, and solo material in addition to hosting a lineup of great Chicago comedians.
He put up this show up at Under St. Marks in July, 2023 and is excited to find a permanent home for it in New York.
The Second City Conservatory Program
In 2022, Joe graduated from The Second City's Conservatory Program. After auditioning and being accepted into the six level program, Joe mastered the skills needed to write original sketches and improvise. He was taught by Second City's best teachers and former performers.
Below is a sketch written and performed by Joe in his showcase show.
Hog Dog Day In The Cafeteria
In Fall of 2018 Joe Harrington & Chris Larson debuted their original two-man sketch show "Hot Dog Day In The Cafeteria" at The Second City. They were brought back for another run the following year (2019). The loosely narrative show featured absurd sketches and a wide array of ridiculous characters. 
Below is one of the sketches (written by Joe Harrington & Chris Larson).
Comedy Studies Program (The Second City)
In 2018, Joe became a graduate of The Second City's Comedy Studies Program. This four month intensive (7 hours a day, Monday-Friday) taught Joe the The Second City style of acting, improvising, clowning, and writing sketches. At the conclusion, a full original sketch show was written and performed by the students.
The following sketch was written and performed by Joe Harrington.
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